The Reality of TWU: Exposed

We spoke with Crewmembers from SWA, which has been represented by TWU since 1975. They shared their candid experiences with us in exclusive interviews. What they shared is backed up by facts and evidence presented on this site. In their words: "PAY ATTENTION!"

TWU Exposed Trailer

Watch the introduction to our 4-Part series that exposes the reality of TWU at Southwest Airlines.

Part 1

Mary reveals disturbing actions taken by the Union including defamation, violations of due process, & retaliation.

Part 2

Mary further describes the hostile work environment, failure of contract negotiations, and highlights the disfunction of TWU.

Part 3

Greg reveals the lack of true autonomy, discusses conflicts of interest, the truth about dues and failed contract negotiation.

Part 4

Greg further discusses the difficulty in decertification, blacklisting of members, how the disunity continues, and more.